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We hope we can help you find a special funeral urn for your dearest one.
Beautiful objects help us feel better and maybe, amongst our items, you can find the perfect urn that suits your or your family's preferences.

We offer you a selection of our finest artisan's items.
If you wish, you can purchase online, directly from our factory in the European Union,
without intermediaries.

You will discover that a high-quality handcrafted items does not necessarily have to be expensive.We thank you for visiting us and encourage you to have a look at our wooden funeral urns.


Manuel Gomez

Some information about our family-run company

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In 1976, by Manuel G. Senior. Currently run by Manuel G. Junior.

40 years carving wood. 20 years serving customers from the USA and the European Union.

Our preferred wood:
FSC/PECF-certified California Pine.
Wood from controlled and sustainable forests in the EU-Spain.

Techniques used to manufacture our wooden urns:
Applied woodwork, artisan turning, marquetry, wood carving, special finishings.

European Union - Spain.

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